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10 mg / tab


Some studies have shown that limited but prolonged uptake may cause only a slight increase in enzyme production in the liver profile. Furthermore, it does not normally increase the level of testosterone in the body. Normally, it prevents the stimulation of gonadotropins such as FSH and LH and acts directly on the testis. Normally used in those who want to gain weight. This medication should be carefully and carefully taken according to the prescription and recommendations of the licensed application; because there are some restrictions and limitations in use. It is indicated for patients undergoing a thorough surgical procedure and the surgical procedure has a large loss of tissue and weight. Similarly, it is used in patients with blood loss due to any pathological or hereditary condition. It is also indicated for relieving pain associated with bones due to osteoporosis. It is also used as a program for diet and exercise in bodybuilders. It is also indicated if a patient has been exposed to chronic infection for a long time after a thorough surgery.


Insomnia, Depression, Livido Reduction, Constipation, Swelling of the limb, Acne, baldness, clitoral enlargement may cause swelling of skin conditions. It can occur with the use of testicular expansion and pain. Heart patients should be careful because it can slow the heart.


15 – 60 mg / day

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OXANDROLON Anavar Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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