Are you looking for a solution to improve blood circulation in all organs and tissues of your body? Do you want to increase the effectiveness of each workout and enjoy perfect fitness? Cytrulline by Real Pharm will enable you to enhance your body function and provide optimal oxygenation for your muscles during workout! 

Cytrulline is a top quality powdered dietary supplement designed for everyone engaged in physical activity, including professional athletes. This supplement complements your daily diet with the addition of high quality citrulline malate, which cannot be synthesized by the human body.

The use of citrulline malate guarantees quick and powerful effects of citrulline, an amino acid which is essential for each athlete to enjoy good health and good physical shape. Better nourished and oxygenated muscles with improved blood circulation will enable you to reach every training goal and increase the intensity and duration of your workout sessions!

Cytrulline is your chance for to achieve your goals much quicker! Choose quality and reliability of the best supplements available on the market, which, beside their outstanding effects, will also bring you enjoyment.

If you wish to improve the functioning of your fatigued body and to provide optimal working conditions for your muscles, if you hope is to achieve the perfect physique, then Cytrulline will meet all your expectations!

Try and see for yourself that the quality of supplements is the key to considerably speed up training effects and improve the absorption of active ingredients contained in those supplements!


Mix 3 g of the product (1 measuring spoon) with 130 ml of water. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage of 1 serving (3g) per day. Measuring spoon attached to the package.


Cytrulline Real Pharm is especially recommended during intense trainings with the goal of muscle mass development and improvement of general physical fitness. It is also helpful in reducing fatigue that occurs during training periods.


– Speed up muscle growth

– Improve blood circulation in the blood vessels

– Ensure maximal muscle oxygenation

– Supply your muscles and tissues with more nutrients from food

– Prevent sore muscles

– Reduce mental and physical fatigue

– Increase ATP production

– Increase nitric oxide levels

– Achieve a satisfying muscle pump effect

– Increase the levels of key metabolites in the body 


serving 3 g
cytruline2,66 g

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